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People Across The Country Are Horrified Over What Picture Caught – Can You See Why?

Everyone has a camera on them nowadays, and people are always ready to make sure they capture any sort of big event that happens. I could not imagine being a public figure today and the constant pressure that is put on you to be perfect. Your every move is captured and you always have to be aware of what you are doing to make sure that no one tries to fabricate what you are doing. All of this is the reality of the first family.

Since President Trump ran for office he and his family were a bigger target than ever before and now people are trying harder than ever to try to expose them. The first family has a camera on them at all times, snapping hundreds of shots at any given event, any pictures captured can be taken completely out of context to be used against them.

While paying their respects and attending a memorial service for the late evangelical preacher Billy Graham, these photos were just taken and now people are going crazy over the pictures.

According to Indy 100This picture of Donald Trump, Melania, Vice President Mike Pence with his wife Karen has left people with one question: What is happening?

The image was taken at a memorial service for evangelical preacher Billy Graham, who died in February aged 99.

While the gesture of condolence seemed sincere, many pointed Trump’s rare public display of affection for Pence seems a little baffling – and mesmerizing.

Others pointed out that Pence didn’t seem so comfortable receiving the touch of another man – which shouldn’t be surprising considering his well-documented attitudes towards LGBT+ equality.

Mother, by the way, is reportedly his nickname for his wife.

As The Cut speculated: “Was it a gesture of reassurance? A warning? We may never know.”

Still, everyone looked just fine about it afterward.

Clearly, Melania is smiling and not remotely uncomfortable or feeling awkward by her husband apparently reaching over her to get the Vice President’s attention with a simple (and common) knee tap. It was easier for Trump to tap his knee than to try to reach his shoulder, which would have ended up in an actual awkward moment of Melania having to lean into her lap to make that uncomfortable maneuver happen.

It is unfortunate that when our administration gives their detractors nothing to complain about, they fabricate something from a candid photo to make a completely inaccurate claim to attack them over. It’s refreshing to see personable and real leadership in our country who genuinely enjoy working together and getting things done to make America great again.


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