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People Sickened After Seeing What Disturbing Pic Of Clintons Just Caught When They Weren’t Looking

Hillary Clinton and her wayward husband Bill are not only the most mismatched couple in the country to be together out of career convenience but are the most secretive pair out there who undoubtedly have a lot to hide. There’s no shortage of conspiracy and controversy surrounding the salacious duo who seem to be tied to too much to be ignored, which often leads to a lot of unexplained tragedies. Now, when they were not expecting it, a hawkeyed photographer caught them in a rare moment when the odd duo didn’t think anyone who they weren’t aware of was around.

Over the last few weeks, more information about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in funding the fake dossier has come to light. It’s clear that members of the FBI at the highest levels and Obama administration DOJ heads lied and misused the secret FISA courts. As this scandal heats up, the Clinton’s have gone dark, and out of the limelight.

First, Director of the FBI James Comey was relieved of his position, then acting Director Andrew McCabe.  Things have begun to get serious with more lawmakers calling for a new special prosecutor to investigate the FBI and the passed administrations DOJ. They want to see who was involved in what could be the largest political scandal of all time. Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary are on vacation in The Hamptons. They have been seen with two unknown people, and speculation as to who is is rising.

According to All That’s News,  former president Bill Clinton and his wife, the 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, have been spotted together on a little getaway. According to the Daily Mail, Bill and Hillary were in the Hamptons to visit family friends. Photographs of the leisurely Sunday retreat have surfaced, showing Bill Clinton, dressed in a casual Hawaiian shirt and faded blue jeans, and his wife, outfitted in a turquoise zig-zag dress and dark sunglasses, relaxing on the porch and chatting with an unnamed man and woman.

It remains unclear who Bill and Hilary are talking to in the photo. However, online commenters believe that the pair might be Andre Nasser, a GOP art collector, and his real estate agent wife, Lois. While Hillary and the unnamed woman looked relaxed on the porch, Bill Clinton and his male friend can be seen in an animated discussion.

However, other commenters believe that the Clinton friends look nothing like Andre and Lois. At one point in their conversation, the former president is photographed as he looks at his friend in surprise. The jaw-dropping moment has prompted intense speculation as to the nature of the men’s conversation.

Bill and Hillary are allegedly staying in a rental holiday home in Amagansett. Page Six reports that the couple are vacationing until Labor Day and the cost of their stay has been estimated at $100,000. The Amagansett holiday home was first rented by Bill and Hillary in 2014 after Hillary Clinton was slammed for complaining about being “dead broke” after she departed the White House. Although there is no sign of a security detail in the photos, a lifetime Secret Service team is always on duty for former President Clinton.

Online commenters have leapt at the chance to debate about America’s most divisive political couple. Unsurprisingly, the majority of commenters remarked on Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential election and the disruptive presidency of Donald Trump. “Yes we elected Donald J Trump president, but consider the alternative. The lesser of two evils never prepared us for the nightmare if the Clintons had gotten back in the White House,” wrote Chris2u, while ‘Frankieboy’ wrote: “It’s frightening that one of them got to run America – when you think about it now, very unsettling.”

 One Daily Mail user, Annabelle Lee, believes that the infamous political figures are finally drifting out of the limelight. “They are doing what they should have been doing by now. Adapting to semi-retirement and giving talks until people won’t hire them anymore. Given the various videos I’ve watched that display Hillary’s health issues, she should never considered running a country for 4 years. Most likely, with the reduced stress, those events will be fewer. Bill has aged so early. I am their age, my husband is 75, and he looks so much better than Bill. This was not a couple. that should have been in the White House, health-wise. It was a very tough decision for our country, one which was so equally divided that it left us in turmoil,” she wrote.
The Clinton’s are not foreign to scandal. Former president Bill Clinton’s presidency was marred with cheating and liesm yet the two of these aging alleged criminals are like a cat with nine lives.  If all pans out the way GOP law makers are hoping, this could be the last vacation that Bill and Hillary share together for a long time.



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