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Playboy Model Just Dropped Shocking Admission About Trump That Infuriated CNN Host

Another woman just came forward claiming that she and the president had a 10-month long affair over a decade ago. This isn’t the first time that Trump has been at the center of sexual misconduct claims. This is just another woman who is joined by a long line of attention seeking porn stars. All of the previous cases have so far been proven to be false, with these latest accusations of him having an affair he knew it would only be a matter of time before the truth finally came out.

CNN and President Donald Trump are notorious enemies after all the news network’s slanderous and inaccurate reporting of him that led to him demolishing their ratings by continually calling them out. They intentionally invited Trump’s latest accuser to come on the show as part of their continual campaign against him to make him look bad. It instantly backfired with what the former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, said to irritated CNN host Anderson Cooper. (Video below)

According to CNN, On Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper had an exclusive interview with former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims that she had a 10-month relationship with Donald Trump a decade before he became President.

CNN, which is always anxious to paint Trump in the worst possible light, most likely did not get quite the response they were looking for from McDougal. While affairs cannot and should not be ever cast in a positive light, it is worth noting that McDougal spoke highly about the way Trump treated her and her friends noticed the same thing.

Speaking of Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape, McDougal said, “I had not seen that in him at all… [that’s] not the man that I knew.” McDougal said that her friends would tell her how they were impressed with how respectful he was toward her when they were out in public.

On the issue of whether or not she is coming out to hurt Trump, McDougal said, “I voted for Donald. Why would I want to damage him? That’s my party, Republican Party. That’s my president. I did not want to damage him or hurt him in any way, shape, or form but I also didn’t want to put out the story because I didn’t want my reputation to be damaged.”

McDougal suggested that the reason she came forward is, according to her lawsuit, because she claims she was paid off to keep quiet and was given a “false promise to jumpstart her career as a health and fitness model.”

McDougal admitted that he actually treated her well. They were hoping for a more salacious claim to add to their already disgusting report on her unproven claim, to validate their assertion that Trump objectifies women.

It is a shame that these news outlets try as hard as they can to make these women turn on the president and they try to portray him as a horrible person. They need to remember that getting these women to falsely accuse him of crimes that he did not commit needs to stop. Especially since there are so many women who have actually been victims of sexual assault. Sexual Misconduct/Assault is a serious matter and it changes the lives of both parties involved, especially when the claims are false.

When these women make false claims it is very discrediting to actual sexual assault victims and it takes away their voice. The Time’s Up and Me Too movements have rocked Hollywood and taken down many major people in the industry. These men and women were actual victims and their voices need to be heard and the people who keep making false claims need to be stopped.


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