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President Trump Just Made Shocking Discovery About His Personal Chef – Was Hiding It All Along

While President Trump has been busy making deals overseas there has been a lot of attention coming from the White House and the person getting all of the attention might surprise you. The president and his family are used to receiving attention on a daily basis and being judged on their every move but now the media is out to get another person in the White House.

Andre Rush has been the secret weapon who prepares food for all of the big events that the White House hosts and he has helped prepare meals for the White House for the last 11 years. But recently, a picture of Andre was posted on social media and people everywhere are going crazy over the picture.

It appears that the White House has been hiding him from the public and now we are finding out why. President Trump is now making a shocking discovery about his chef he didn’t realize had been going on while he was gone.

According to the Washingtonian, Andre Rush was grilling baby leeks and squash outside the West Wing on Tuesday when some reporters snapped photos of him and posted them on Twitter. The chef was preparing for the White House’s Ramadan celebration, but there was only one thing the public seemed to care about: Look at that guy’s guns!

Rush is an Army veteran, an expert cake decorator, a master ice sculptor, and yes, he can bench press 700 pounds. Now, he’s also a viral sensation thanks to his beefy biceps.

Rush isn’t a full-time presence at the White House, but rather a freelance cook who lends a (Hulk-sized) hand with big dinners and events. He’s helped prepare meals for presidents since 1997. Whether that means grilling the heck out of red meat in the current administration, Rush won’t say. Asked about Trump’s diet, he demurs: “My eyes are closed on that part.” Still, if anyone could persuade the president to eat his veggies…

Rush is finding himself as a celebrity now thanks to a great picture of him going viral. Trump had no idea about it while he was overseas, but likely couldn’t be more happy for him.  Afterall,  Trump only hires the best and seems to have gotten just that in Rush. However, more importantly, the chef is a veteran, which seems to be a trend among the staff members  Trump handpicked, as he has a deep respect for our military.

“The 45-year-old Mississippi native retired from the Army, where he was a Senior Enlisted Aide and Advisor at West Point, a little over a year ago,” the Washingtonian added. “During his 24 years on duty, Rush was a chef for some of the military’s top brass, competed in culinary competitions around the world, and honed specialized skills, like, you know, making really neat cakes.”

I am sure people everywhere are trying to get a hold of Andre now for him to be their own personal chef but I don’t think the president will let him go anytime in the near future.


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