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PRICELESS: Police Accidentally Shoot Antifa Protester In The Head With Grenade (GRAPHIC)

Things got pretty wild and bloody in Portland, Oregon over the weekend. Antifa squared off against Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys and the pictures are graphic in nature. Hundreds of police officers stood down the center of the road that both protests were using in order to keep the groups apart. That worked for a bit, but the engagement ended just as you would imagine it would. Several people were injured and there were a number of arrests. There were also quite a few weapons that were confiscated.

One of the Antifa protesters got a nasty, priceless surprise during the violent riot when he accidentally got shot in the head with a flash-bang grenade fired by police. The pictures of his injury are bloody and disturbing. Raw Story is reporting that the Antifa member was taken to a local hospital and treated for a serious head wound. He did not die from the injury. The grenade lodged itself in the helmet he was wearing and allegedly, doctors report it was the only thing that kept him from being killed.

But the Antifa guy isn’t the only one that was hurt, he’s just the one the left is parading around for his injury. Antifa members were throwing rocks, eggs and using clubs and pepper spray on people. As far as I can tell, they are the ones who were violent on Saturday. The right fought back, but it supposedly started with Antifa. The leftist radicals also attacked the police with their weapons. After numerous warnings, Portland police announced that they would use “riot control agents and impact weapons” to disperse the crowd. The guy that got hurt experienced that first-hand.

Antifa refused to disperse and leave, so flash-bang grenades were fired towards and into the crowd. One of them hit the protester, lodging into the back of his helmet and taking off a good chunk of his scalp in the process. Regardless of what Antifa claims, Portland police warned protesters repeatedly that they were going to use the grenades to break up the riot. Besides a sound truck on-site announcing their intentions, a tweet was also sent out.

ABC News posted videos of the riot, as well as flash-bang grenades being fired at the Antifa protesters. One or two journalists were injured during the riot. I believe one was from ABC News and one was from the Oregonian. There was quite a bit of blood. Another person who Antifa tried to yank a flag away from also got hurt. Every injury I saw was head-related, but there were probably others as well.

Many members of the Freedom March, which included Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys, wore body armor to protect themselves from Antifa attacks. Mace, shields, bats and wooden poles were among the weaponry used in the fight. There were face masks on both sides of the fight. Portland police said no weapons would be allowed at the march, but it was nearly impossible for the police to enforce the rule with so many people in attendance.

Antifa arrived on the scene first and as the march progressed, things deteriorated quickly between the groups. The police were forced to use the flash-bang grenades on at least 1,000 protesters who blocked the march route. The Oregon ACLU was incensed by the use of the grenades and announced: “To our knowledge, no other police force in America uses crowd control weapons with the regularity of the Portland Police Bureau.” Frankly, Portland has more riots and protests than most other cities, so police have to use crowd control weapons to stop them. Antifa is claiming that at least three of their members were hit by flash-bang grenades. They were warned, so it should not have come as a surprise.

One of the protesters that were hit was saved by his helmet, which took the brunt of the hit. The grenade shell, however, got lodged in the helmet. That’s the one you see in the pictures. According to the guy’s girlfriend, a nurse said the grenade was centimeters away from being a lethal hit. The helmet saved his life, but he should not have been rioting in the first place and as I said before, he was warned multiple times over it. The protester has not been identified and there is no further word on his condition at this time.

Here’s a hysterical video from a liberal who filmed the police shooting flashbangs because Antifa was throwing projectiles at them. Listen to his commentary.

A number of Antifa protesters are furious at the police over all this, even though they brought it on themselves. One Antifa member took to Twitter claiming it was shot at him at point-blank range, which was not the case. That’s a fib and a total exaggeration. Several liberal websites, however, including Think Progress, claim the event was relatively peaceful. Please define ‘peaceful’. I do not consider throwing rocks, feces, urine and whatever else they could lay their hands on as peaceful. Antifa also busted the windows on police cars and hurt at least one police officer. It’s a wonder these protests have not turned deadly yet. Give it time.


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