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Pro Baseball Player Going To Prison For A LONG Time After What He Was Caught Doing Overnight

Over the years of professional sports there has been a dark history of hiding player conduct from the public. In recent years, however, the leagues have tried to become less complacent with players who commit crimes and especially domestic abuse. It has become to hard to hide from cameras, we all have them on our phones and when something happens in a public place, you can be sure someone is recording it. Recently a video of minor league baseball player Danry Vasquez of The Lancaster Barnstormers surfaced. Vasquez is with his fiancee in a stairwell at a stadium, he is on video savagely beating her.

According to the Daily Caller, Danry Vasquez is engaged to the woman he was arrested for brutally beating back in 2016. The video of Vasquez beating his girlfriend was recently released, and has been blowing up the internet because of the level of savagery he used against a defenseless woman. TMZ has now reported that he’s actually engaged to his unidentified girlfriend and victim of his heinous violence. They reported the following:

TMZ Sports has learned … Danry Vasquez and his girlfriend are describing themselves as a “happy couple” … roughly a year-and-a-half after he was arrested for the violent incident. Multiple sources tell us … Danry’s GF begged prosecutors not to push forward with criminal charges after the arrest and stuck by his side the entire time. … The two got engaged around Nov. 2017.

This situation is way too similar to the Ray Rice incident, and it should make everybody uncomfortable. How does a woman stay with a man who took her into a staircase and then beat the living hell out of her? I will never understand how that’s possible. It’s also worth noting again that Vasquez got a plea deal and the case was ultimately dismissed. That’s unacceptable on a million different levels. Any district attorney who saw this video should have pushed to lock him up for a very long time. No justifiable reason or excuse as to why Vasquez wasn’t sent to prison for his brutal actions.

There is no shortage of these types of stories, these are men that feel like they are above the law because they are professional athletes. They are constantly in the limelight, making millions of dollars and the feel untouchable.  This week, Odell Beckham Jr., a well known and talented receiver for the New York Giants was filmed with a woman who appears to be using cocaine.

ESPN wrote this, The New York Giants and the NFL are aware of a potentially troubling video involving wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. that was leaked Friday while he was on a Nike-sponsored trip in Europe. The seven-second clip posted on social media shows Beckham in a bed next to a pizza holding what appears to be some sort of brown cigarette or cigar. There is a woman next to him with a credit card and what looks like a white powdery substance aligned in rows.
A second video shows what is believed to be the same woman kissing and taping Beckham while he was asleep.

ESPN has been unable to confirm where or when the videos were filmed. The Giants and the NFL acknowledged only that they know of their existence.

“We’re aware of the video, but we don’t have any comment beyond that,” a Giants team spokesman said via email Friday night.

The NFL, through a spokesman, also declined to comment further.Beckham was in Spain on Friday visiting with soccer superstar and fellow Nike endorser Cristiano Ronaldo. Requests for comment from Beckham’s camp have not been returned as of Saturday afternoon.

The video comes at an inopportune time for Beckham, who is looking for a lucrative long-term contract this offseason. He is set to play on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal worth $8.5 million.

The Giants and owner John Mara have said on multiple occasions that Beckham would be a Giant for life and that it was only a matter of when he received a long-term deal. It’s unclear at this time whether the videos could factor into the equation. Marijuana remains banned by the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Beckham is not known to have ever failed a test or to have at any point entered the league’s substance abuse program.

The Giants still want to see that Beckham has fully recovered from a broken ankle that ruined his 2017 season and were hoping he was past some of the incidents that marred the early part of his career. The enigmatic wide receiver was suspended for an on-field incident with cornerback Josh Norman in 2015 and has been fined numerous times by the league for his actions and behavior.

Mara said publicly that he was “unhappy” with Beckham after he pretended to urinate on the field like a dog after scoring a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles last season. Beckham kept a low profile after that Week 3 incident. The new Giants brass — coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Dave Gettleman — have been open-minded about the top playmaker since their arrivals.

“It’s a clean slate,” Gettleman said last week at the NFL scouting combine. “I’m not worrying about what happened in the past. You want to know the why. You always have to get to the why. Eventually, we’ll get to that. If you don’t get to the why you can’t figure it out. You can’t fix it. So we’ll get to the why, and we’ll move forward.”

Beckham has spent most of the offseason rehabbing and working with his trainer in Los Angeles.
The Giants (3-13) badly missed their top receiver after he fractured his ankle during a Week 5 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. They finished 31st in the NFL, averaging 15.4 points per game. Beckham has reached the Pro Bowl and set numerous records in his first three professional seasons.

It’s clearly time that professional athletes be held accountable for these actions. They are role models for kids who admire them for there talents.  Far too often, teams look the other way, as well as the court system. It’s time that they are held to a higher standard and not let them off because they can hit a baseball or catch a football.


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