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The Queen Is In For Quite A Surprise With What Markle’s Dysfunctional Dad Is Bringing Down The Aisle

Royal weddings are always quite a spectacle of formalities and steeped in tradition. No detail is left unturned in these extravagant affairs which the Queen of England herself has a huge say in, including who is and is not on the guest list. However, the much-anticipated wedding of Prince Harry and gorgeous Meghan Markle will probably be a lot different since the soon-to-be princess’ dad doesn’t exactly fit the description of royalty, in fact, he couldn’t be more opposite.

While the queen may disapprove of certain people attending the royal wedding, it’s hard to cross Thomas Markle off the list considering he’s Meghan’s father who is expected to walk her down the aisle. The resemblance between he and his daughter is practically non-existent as we’re to take the word that he is her biological father as he claims to be. It should be interesting to see how the ceremony goes with this beach bum walking the princess to her prince who awaits her at the altar. We have to admit, we’re loving the mixed company and major changes that Harry is bringing to the royal family that’s never been done before.

Markle’s father, Thomas Markle

The Daily Mail reports:

The man who will become Prince Harry’s father-in-law lives a secluded life in a little yellow house perched high on a 120-foot cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, DailyMailTV can reveal.

Thomas Markle, 73, is seen in exclusive DailyMailTV pictures at his home in Rosarito,Mexico just south of the border with the U.S., where he lives in a peaceful retirement. And according to residents, Markle enjoys spending time relaxing at home, shops at Walmart, and tells friends: “Have you heard of Meghan Markle? I am her dad.”

It is a lifestyle far removed from the family into which his daughter is marrying. His red-tiled home sits on a cobblestone street, with plywood covering the windows that face inland. But on the other side, he enjoys sweeping views of pelicans flying low over the Pacific and curlews and other wading birds strutting on the shore.

Meghan with her father Thomas. Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Thomas is bringing his very un-royal self down the aisle as a major departure from what the Queen is accustomed to. It’s his honor and right to be able to give his daughter away. We’re happy to see that he is just being himself and loving his chill life and is also rightfully proud of his daughter. He doesn’t need to change for anyone.

It would be an incredible turn of events if this regular, Walmart-loving American was singlehandedly responsible for bringing about a new era for the royal family as the most unsuspecting person to break decades of tradition. We have also never been more excited to watch a royal wedding than Prince Harry’s to Meghan Markle with who she’s bringing down the aisle.


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