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Raging Libs Violently Attack Denver Coffee Shop, Forced It To Shut Down Over Their Happy Sign They Hated

It has become the new norm for the liberal left to act out in violent protest when they see something that upsets them. The activist group ANTIFA often uses violence to protest instead of peaceful marches.

Over the last several years the city of Denver Colorado has been working to revitalize older parts of the city where buildings and homes were falling apart. This part of the city is called “five points,” it was a predominately minority part of the city. Today this area has been complete repurposed with high-end condos and townhomes, and great restaurants.

Not everyone is happy, in fact, many liberal publications have taken notice.

Conservative Tribune recently wrote:

Talk about a sign of the times.

Vandals smashed a window. The words “white coffee” were spray painted in a cruel joke on the building’s exterior.

And a coffee shop that had been doing business in Denver for three years without any problem suddenly found itself a target — and apologizing — for making its neighborhood a better place.

The reason the shop known as Ink! Coffee was in liberal crosshairs was that it committed the sin of “gentrification” — and maybe the bigger sin of being proud of it — two sins that are apparently unforgivable to the modern liberal.

The confrontation that closed Denver’s Ink! Coffee for a week took place in November in an area of the city called Five Points, which was once largely black, according to The Associated Press, but has “become one of Denver’s trendiest neighborhoods filled with breweries, restaurants and apartments.”

“Breweries, restaurants and apartments” is what liberals would call a dog whistle. Along with “gentrification,” it usually means white people — young adult white people with decent-paying jobs.
So, when Ink! Coffee put out a sign lightheartedly making a reference to “gentrifying” the area, the “progressive” forces hit hard.

It was a clapboard sign on the sidewalk like a million other signs that have stood outside coffee shops and restaurants, carrying messages like the day’s specials or happy hour drink prices. This one said, “Happily Gentrifying the Neighborhood Since 2014.”

It didn’t take long for liberals to notice and start a social media campaign like this Twitter post that declared: “We are not cool with this sign on 29th and Larimer. Bad decision. Bad design. BAD. W.T.F.”

As Helen Raleigh wrote in a piece published by The American Conservative on Tuesday:

“The sign didn’t go over so well with some residents, many of whom congregated outside the little coffee shop in an angry mood. Hundreds showed up during a subsequent weekend to protest against the gentrification of their neighborhood, which they said had pushed out longtime minority residents. The shop building was sprayed with graffiti; at least one window was broken; the offending sign was carted off. The protesters demanded that the shop be shut down. Some wanted it replaced with a community center dedicated to helping residents with housing and other issues stemming from rising living costs in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the events that played out in Denver last fall are just a symptom of liberals’ refusal to face the reality of what “gentrification” is.

It’s just the way cities naturally evolve because areas that are cheaper to live in tend to attract outsiders. When those outsiders spruce it up enough, the area’s property values go up and it can turn into one of the premier neighborhoods in the city. That’s how Brooklyn, N.Y., became a “hipster heaven,” as NYULivewire once put it.

The anti-gentrification movement in the Big Apple got so bad that even the liberal Daily News found itself publishing a column headlined: “The left lies about gentrification.”

In the Denver dust-up, not only were the “protesters” (meaning criminals) wrong about the gentrification involved, they missed the point entirely that the shop was just expressing an opinion — as the First Amendment guarantees every American the right to do.
It’s been clear for some time now that the left has no qualms about attacking conservatives on, say, a college campus, but an attack on a coffee shop for expressing an opinion is pretty far outside the pale.

And finally, the coffee shop wasn’t just celebrating itself — it was celebrating its neighborhood, too. And that presumably would include some of the thugs who broke a window and spray painted racist graffiti on the outside of the building.

It’s an almost certain bet that the owners of Ink! Coffee aren’t Donald Trump supporters.

But it’s now an America where Trump opponents feel entitled to disregard the rights of anyone who steps outside what’s perceived to be the progressive circle.

And in this case, that means opening a successful business, bringing money and visitors into a previously underprivliged area and having the temerity to be proud of it.

The attack on Ink! Coffee might have been six months ago, but they’re really a sign of the times.

Most progressive cities actively revitalize parts of the cities where it has become run down and crime has moved in. The left sees it as white people trying to push out minorities or people that are less fortunate.

Instead of the left using it’s voice to protest, they continue to use violence and criminal actions to support their cause and they lie to the less fortunate about what the cities are doing.

There is nothing wrong with having a dream to build a business in a new up and coming area, but do it at your own risk.


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