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Roseanne Barr Finally Tells Kimmel Truth About Trump – Then All Hell Breaks Loose

Roseanne Barr has never been one to bite her tongue, especially when she is passionate about the subject which most recently has been President Donald Trump. As one of the only proud and loud supporters of his in Hollywood, the spitfire “Roseanne” actress took anti-Trump Jimmy Kimmel to task on his own show from his couch. He’s run his foul mouth about our president long enough and finally got what he had coming to him when he invited Roseanne onto his show. Not long into the interview, it ended with all hell breaking loose in spectacular fashion, namely with one blunt thing she told the liberal show host that he definitely didn’t expect.

Roseanne was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote and talk about her show before the host intentionally turned the conversation to hating on the man he hates the most – Trump.  Quickly after Kimmel turned the interview political, Roseanne didn’t just stick up for our president, she let him have something more.

According to Biz Pac Review, Roseanne Barr advised Trump-hating comedian Jimmy Kimmel to “zip that f***en lip” unless he’s actively rooting for the United States to fail.

Barr made the remarks while promoting the upcoming reboot of “Roseanne,” the hit TV series she starred in from 1988 to 1997.

During her interview, leftist comedian Kimmel reminded Roseanne that she was once a liberal supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Barr — part of an underreported group of Americans who became Trump supporters thanks to Hillary — said she’s still the same person, but today’s “liberals” have become so radical and so far-left they turned her off.

“I’m still the same. You all moved,” Barr said. “You all went so f**ken far out! You lost everything. I mean, seriously.”

Kimmel conceded: “You’re probably right, by the way.”

Barr explained: “Seriously, a lot of your audience, including me, I just want to say this Jimmy: A lot of us — no matter who we voted for — don’t want to see our president fail. You want Pence for the friggin president? Well then, zip that f***en lip!”

Liberals think if they impeach Trump, somehow Hillary or some Democrat would automatically become president. Earth to moonbats: That’s not how the line of succession works. VP Mike Pence is next in line, followed by Paul Ryan.

Roseanne was also reiterating a point repeatedly made by Donald Trump Jr., who said liberals would rather see the country suffer than succeed under President Trump.

“It’s sad that the left today would rather see America suffer and fail than to see it succeed with Donald Trump at the helm,” Don Jr. tweeted.

Barr continued: “It’s up to us [the American people] to make this government work. No matter who is president, it’s up to us to do our job as citizens, and if we don’t like something, let them know you don’t like. You got another election in two years. Get out there and vote. Change it [if you don’t like things as they are instead of whining].”

While Roseanne’s co-star, John Goodman (who played her TV husband Dan Conner) remained fairly quiet during the political discussion, he took a dig at Hillary’s dismal foreign policy:

Roseanne Barr is one of the few Hollywood celebrities who are vocal in their support of President Trump. While it may have cost her some fans, she doesn’t care.

Earlier this month, Barr live-tweeted during the Oscars (which Jimmy Kimmel hosted) for the millions of Americans who boycotted the Trump-bashing awards show.

Trump supporters got the last laugh, as the Oscars ratings cratered 16% from the previous year, and were the lowest-rated in the history of the Academy Awards.

“Roseanne” was the No. 1 show on television from 1989 to 1990. It returns for its 10th season on March 27 with its entire original cast.

Luckily Trump has many of his own supporters like Roseanne who won’t let these “A-List” celebs take over America. It’s always refreshing when a celebrity isn’t afraid to stand up for the president since it’s pretty much an act of bravery to do so in her industry.


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