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First It Was Tide Pods, Now The New Trend Is FAR Worse – What Is Wrong With People?!

It seems like nowadays there are no safe places for kids to be anymore. Between worrying about a shooting happening at your school to the temptations of popular challenges and the dangers that come along with it. It also seems that more than ever kids are trying to stay popular and relevant by coming up with crazy ideas and posting them on social media and YouTube.

Is social media the real problem or is there more to it? Just when you thought the Tide Pod challenge was the dumbest thing that kids these days would be tempted by they just proved everyone wrong.

Now there is a new YouTube craze/challenge that is becoming popular and this might be the stupidest one yet. First, it was eating Tide Pods, now it seems that the soap has affected their brains considering what they have come up with now that needs to be stopped immediately.

According to KGW News in Portland, Oregan, It’s dangerous and downright dumb. Social media’s latest online challenge is heating up in what’s being called The Hot Coil Challenge.

Those foolish enough to participate press their Bare skin to the red-hot coils on a stovetop, suffering severe burns as a result. And then, of course, they post the proof to YouTube.

“I hope that my kids are smart enough to know that that’s not a great choice. Even if someone dared them I would hope that they would choose not to do that,” mom Jennifer Harding said.

The challenge is receiving increasing criticism. Others posting videos mocking it, urging people not to participate.

It’s just the latest in a laundry list of dangerous online challenges posed towards impressionable children.

Who could forget the disgusting Tide pod challenge? It sent teens to the hospital for everything from chemical burns to extreme vomiting.

Then there was the 3 am challenge. Kids were waking up in the middle of the night, in some cases leaving their houses, to find something scary and post to social media.

Child counselor Eric Goldfield said it’s critical for parents to talk to their kids about this stuff.

“The biggest role models right now for teens and young people are YouTubers. These are who our kids are looking up to, and they’re going to want to emulate that behavior.”

I remember when I was young, I accidentally burned my finger on the hot coil on our stove and it was a horrible experience. I can not imagine choosing to hold my arm on it and intentionally scarring my body this way. They need to think of the long-term consequences of being essentially branded like cattle for life, rather than thinking that they are being cool.

Hopefully, YouTube keeps doing what they can to keep videos like this off of their site or at least keep them safe so young kids don’t see them.


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