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SICK! Scumbag Author Stephen King Thinks Melania Lied, Knows Why She Was Really Hospitalized

First Lady Melania Trump is still in the hospital today recovering from what’s been described as a “serious procedure” on her kidneys. The surgery was to such a degree that it has required her to remain hospitalized for a week under a doctor’s constant care. A health scare like this would be terrifying to anyone, especially since it happened so sudden. However, she’s not getting any sympathy from famous Trump detractors, who seem to be reveling in the “karma” of the first family’s current struggle.

It takes a truly depraved person to use a medical emergency to attack someone you don’t like politically. Renowned author Stephen King stepped up to the plate to prove just house disgusting he is in taking full advantage of this “opportunity.” He’s clearly not a fan of President Trump’s and as such, made a public statement about Melania’s condition, claiming what he thinks she’s really being hospitalized for a week for.

There’s nothing funny about being sick, but Stephen King sure thinks there is in this particular case.

Breitbart reports:

Best-selling author Stephen King put down his pen on Monday and picked up his phone, sending a scathing message that made light of First Lady Melania Trump’s kidney condition and bashed President Donald Trump.

“Not to be snarky, but Melania can probably use a week’s rest from Blabbermouth Don,” wrote Stephen King in a tweet sent to his 4.8 million followers. “Sounds heavenly to me.”

The Dark Tower writer’s screed came within hours of the news that Mrs. Melania had received treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for a benign kidney condition.

King wasn’t the only celebrity mouthpiece to take a jab. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn also poked fun at the Trump’s, targeting other personal matters while he was at it. Only in a liberal’s mind would be okay to unleash a fury of hate and resentment toward a family in a time of need dealing with a sensitive issue.

“No one believes Trump & Melania have a real marriage anymore. So can they please just let it go and stop pretending?” Gunn wrote on Twitter Monday as news broke of Melania’s emergency surgery.

Perhaps one of the most depraved and unacceptable claims to come from this situation was flood of accusations blaming President Trump for his wife’s medical issue.

News website Fark made a low brow joke about Melania when they shared the breaking news about her yesterday, saying, “She still has a huge orange pain in her ass” after undergoing kidney surgery.

Celebrity gossip writer, Perez Hilton, says it’s all Trump’s fault. “I’m sure the stress of being married to Donald Trump and his repeated affairs have not helped Melania Trump’s health!” Hilton wrote on Twitter.

Another best-selling author, Ariaa Jaegr, who is also an Animal/Human/LGBT Rights and Senior advocate, acted as a physician when it came to expressing her opinion on Melania’s kidney condition. “Issues with kidneys or bladder indicates internal anger and being ‘Pissed off.’ I can’t imagine what Melania is angry about…”

In the continued attack on Trump, Melania allegedly suffering stress from him and needing a break, others suggested that now is the perfect time for her to leave him and get as far away from her husband as possible.

Just when it didn’t seem possible that Hollywood and other liberals could go any lower than they already have, they reach deeper depths of depravity. You don’t have to like the president or have voted for him, but simple respect should be expected. If nothing else, just don’t say anything at all. A medical emergency should never be used for comedic material no matter who it is.


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