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Six Flags Refuses Double Amputee Vet Hero For Disgusting Reason Why They Don’t Want Him There

Jonny “Joey” Jones is a US Marine veteran of the war in Afghanistan. During his time there in Afganistan,  Jones lost both legs to an IED while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

Recently Jones was visiting the amusement park Six Flags Over Georgia. He was looking forward to a fun time like all of the other parkgoers that day. He payed to get in and the amusement park gladly took his money but realized soon after entering that he wasn’t going to be treated the same as all of the other paying park guests.

As a wounded war hero, Jones is typically treated with the respect he deserves and has even been interviewed multiple times on Fox News. He has a lot to share and many in America to inspire. Evidently, Six Flags employees see him much different than that, making him wait in a long line for no reason, only to humiliate him when it came to his turn to ride the tilt-a-whirl. .

What happened next to Jones was handled in such a deplorable manner, that he was left speechless and feeling like a “useless” second-class citizen.

Fox News Reports:

Six Flags has issued an apology after a retired U.S. Marine and double amputee claims he was refused entry to one of the park’s rides because he didn’t have “real legs.”

Johnny “Joey” Jones, who lost both legs to an IED while serving in Afghanistan in 2010, tweeted on Sunday that he “got kicked off” a ride at Six Flags Over Georgia after an employee noticed his prosthetic legs.

Jones claimed he has been allowed to ride similar attractions at Universal Studios in the past, and added that an employee made him wait in line before he was told he could not be seated.

Jones later tweeted what appears to be the ride requirements for the park’s Harley Quinn Spinsanity ride, which stipulate that visitors “must have one (1) functioning arm and one (1) functioning leg absent of prosthetic devices” in order to ride.

“Hey @SixFlags you really think I’m so physically useless I can’t ride a tilt-a-whirl?” he captioned the tweet featuring the ride requirements. “Seriously?! Did you see the enormous hill I walked up and down to get here?
Six Flags has since apologized for the “inconvenience,” but stated that the rules prohibiting Jones from entering the attraction were designed for the safety of “all our guests.”

“We apologize to Mr. Jones for any inconvenience; however, to ensure safety, guests with certain disabilities are restricted from riding certain rides and attractions. Our accessibility policy includes ride safety guidelines and the requirements of the federal American Disabilities Act.

“Our policies are customized by ride and developed for the safety of all our guests. Our policies and procedures are reviewed and adjusted on a regular basis to ensure we continue to accommodate the needs of our guests while simultaneously maintaining a safe environment for everyone.”

Jones did acknowledge that the ride’s requirements were posted at the entrance, though he did not see them. Still, he theorized that Universal has “better equipment” for dealing with amputees, which is why he was allowed on similar rides Universal Studios.

Moments later, Jones warned any veterans who were “unlucky in their service” that Disney Parks, Universal Studios and SeaWorld will still move “(magic) mountains for you.”

He added that Six Flags will tell you, “Nah bro, you gotta have two real legs,” presumably paraphrasing what he was told by the teenage employee.

While safety was clearly the issue, the manner in which their policy was communicated lacked empathy for the veteran.

Anytime a person with disabilities comes to an amusement park, there should be clear guidelines they can see so that they are not embarrassed in front of the line of onlookers.

Shame on Six Flags, clearly they don’t have the training to be respectful and go the extra mile.

Sounds like more people will be switching from Six Flags to Disney and Universal Studios where they support vets like Jones.


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