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Struggling Pizza Delivery Driver Leaves In Tears After What Church Gave As ‘Special Tip’ For Their Big Order

Life for one single mother in Chicago was hard enough, working as much as she possibly could for little pay, trying to do the honorable thing of earning her way so she didn’t have to rely on others. She was setting a good example for her kids, showing that if you want something you have to work for it and not expect anything from others. Monique Hall basically risks her life daily to provide, as she goes to strangers’ doors in the city with the highest murder rate in our nation, while probably also fearing for her own children’s safety who are growing up in this war zone.

However, when she got a call to deliver a big order at an area church, she had no clue what she was about to get into after the “special tip” she got for their big order. Days later, her family got a second surprise that they never expected.

According to Love What MattersOne pizza delivery driver got the surprise of a lifetime when she walked into Chicago’s New Life Covenant Church to deliver an order to the congregation. 

When single mom Monique Hall arrived to the church, she was called to the stage by Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús who asked her, “What’s the normal tip that you normally get?” A shocked and confused Hall replied, “$5.”That’s when the magic happens.

The pastor proceeds to hand her a $100, counting out the bills as she stands there in awe. But then, more congregants approach the stage to contribute to her tip.

An overwhelmed Hall was completely stunned. 

“Thank y’all so much. I’ve got two kids. I’m a single parent,” she said in this emotional Facebook video as she wiped tears from rolling down her cheeks. “I’m just trying to do my best. And I thank y’all so much.” 

Honor People

For the month of February, we have been challenging our church to honor people. So Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús ordered a pizza with intentions of surprising the delivery person. She walked on stage and was clueless of what was going on. Hope you enjoy this video. Please share to spread the message of honoring people. #mynewlifeorg

Posted by New Life Covenant Church on Monday, February 26, 2018

Hall and Pastor De Jesús later joined Chicago’s WGN-TV to recount those inspirational moments they shared. 

“I was nervous. I did not understand why so many people had stood up for a pizza delivery person,” Hall told WGN. “I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I knew that I had been struggling for a long time being a single parent, and not having their father in their life, it takes a real damper on you, especially trying to make ends meet. So when they did that, I was overwhelmed and I was shocked. I felt so loved by them — all I could do was cry.”

The pastor explained that during the month of February, the church is challenging their members to honor people. 

We realized that this element of honor has been missing in our culture. And a lot of the problems that we’re facing in our culture, if you really get to the root of it, is because of this lack of honor. Honoring is contagious.” 

A humble Hall said that she didn’t keep all the money for herself. Instead, she shared a portion with her coworkers. 

“I felt like some of my coworkers were just the same as me, in the same place. So it was only right that I give to them since I was given to,” Hall told WGN. “I love giving to people. I don’t have a lot, but the little that I do have, I still share it. I only share it because I know what it feels like. I’ve been homeless with my kids, so I understood. I felt like God was speaking with me to say, ‘Share with somebody else. Let them know that somebody still cares for them.’ So I did, and it made me feel so much better that I didn’t take all that money for myself.”

What an amazing woman to have shared her tip with others. I hope reading this story will make your day and it will encourage you to think of something you can do for someone else. Hearing stories of people doing good things is always inspiring and it makes many people figure out what things they can do in return to help change someone’s life. Even something as simple as paying for someone’s coffee can change their day and make a bigger impact on them that you think. You don’t always know someone’s background and what they are currently going through so something little or big can change their life forever.


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