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Trump About To Board Marine One When He Sees Cops And Runs, Has Immediate Change Of Plans

President Donald Trump was in Bethpage, New York, on Wednesday where he spent the entire day attending a roundtable discussion regarding illegal immigration. More specifically, the meeting was to address the clear and present danger of MS-13 gang members that come with the flood of illegal immigration and bring ruthless violence with them.

Trump met with victims’ families of these gang members who can certainly vouch for his controversial description of MS-13 as “animals” which wasn’t harsh enough. While liberals make excuses for the actions of this brutal gang and get offended over a well-deserved word earned by their senseless actions, Trump was tackling the devastating issue that the left and his predecessor willfully ignored.

Needless to say, it was a productive day with important work done for fearful Americans who don’t want their lives ruined by MS-13 “immigrants.” After the event ended, the president was about to board Marine One to return to the White House. As he approached the helicopter, he saw police in the near distance and had a sudden change of plans.

The local officers there to serve and protect the president also appeared to want to meet him personally too. They clearly saw the opportunity as an honor and wanted to greet and thank the man who genuinely backs the blue and has done a lot for law enforcement to prove it. Despite a long day and eagerness to get home, when Trump spotted these officers there to see him off, he stopped and had a sudden change of plans.

The Daily Wire reports:

In a video clip posted on Twitter by Dan Scavino Jr., who serves as an assistant to the president and as the Director of Social Media for the Trump administration, Trump can be seen breaking away from the rest of the group and jogging over to greet the law enforcement officers.

According to Scavino, the law enforcement officers were from the New York State Police and the Nassau County Police Department.

“@POTUS @realDonaldTrump loves our law enforcement officers all around the country – as seen here with @NYSPolice and @NassauCountyPD on his way to Marine One in Bethpage, New York. #LESM🚔🇺🇸,” Scavino wrote with his video tweet that proved his sentiment.

As one of the most approachable presidents in history, President Trump didn’t hesitate to take time to talk to and thank these heroes for their service. He could have just smiled and waved at them, which would have been more than Barack Obama ever did, but instead, he ran to them and was eager to meet them.

While Obama routinely recognized thugs shot by cops and incited riots around it, Trump does just the opposite in addressing the senseless loss of life by those who work to serve and protect everyone and mentions them by name. He even goes further than that by inviting victims’ families to his events as a reguolar practice to really hear their struggles and needs and truly sympathizes with their pain. He’s a president for them, not the establishment who want to protect political correctness or their agenda regardless of the tragic ramifications it can have on innocent Americans.

It’s hard to recall a time when Obama announced his condolences after an officer of the law was k*lled. He did this for thugs’ moms seeking vengeance in their criminal child’s demise by cop. He refused to give the same attention and respect where it really belongs — on the true victims.

Until Trump took office, the presidency was more concerned about disarming our officers and sympathizing with the families of thugs who died in the commission of a crime. Whenever a cop was killed in the line of duty, the past president wouldn’t have even addressed it. However, that era officially ended when Trump took office and returned respect to where it’s rightfully deserved – those who risk their lives daily to keep Americans safe at home or in the battlefield, not those who threaten the safety of innocent citizens.


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