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Trump Has Perfect Surprise For Hateful Media Who Showed Up To His ‘Bikers For Trump’ Event

In a show of surprise patriotism, President Donald Trump welcomed dozens of rain-soaked bikers into his exclusive golf club where he is currently vacationing in Bedminster, New Jersey while the White House undergoes much-needed renovations. The group rode their motorcycles to the Trump National Golf Club as part of their annual “Bikers for Trump” rally in support of President Donald Trump.

Dozens and dozens of gleaming Harleys, Hondas and other motorcycles descended with the sounds of thundering pipes to central New Jersey despite pouring rain and flash flood warnings to rally in what was billed as an outdoor photo opportunity with President Tump. The weather caused President Trump to usher the soggy group inside a crystal-chandeliered clubhouse ballroom known as the “Crystal Ballroom.” Inside President Trump signed autographs and posed for selfies with his supporters. His guests also booed reporters in the press pool.

The Associated Press

Fox News reports

“‘President Trump welcomed dozens of rain-soaked motorcycle riders into his New Jersey golf club Saturday as part of the “Bikers for Trump” rally.

The bikers headed to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster for a rally to support the president. When the weather took a turn for the worse, the president invited them inside and posed for photos and signed autographs.

Vietnam War veteran Tom McTamney attended the event and said on “Fox & Friends” that the nearly 300 attendees arrived after three hours of security checks.

“Finally, [Trump] just said ‘Bring everybody into the Crystal Ballroom. … It was unique being in the Crystal Ballroom,” he said.”

The White House press corps was allowed to take pictures of the event while the President shook hands with group after group of supporters. Nearly 200 bikers showed up for the event.

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CBS reports of the events, stating – “It was a classic, chaotic scene reminiscent of his ramshackle early campaign. The president was continuing an extended working vacation away from Washington. The day began on Twitter at 8:36 a.m. with a broadside against the FBI, which Mr. Trump accused of stonewalling a public records request for former Deputy Attorney General Andrew McCabe’s text messages.

“What are they hiding?” the president asked, threatening that he “may have to get involved” personally in internal FBI business and warning, “DO NOT DESTROY.”

Mr. Trump appeared in a better mood when he greeted the bikers, who chanted “Four more years!” and “USA!” as he entered the ballroom. Rain streamed down the windows and pools formed on the empty golf greens outside.

He quickly pointed out the sopping-wet media, which sparked jeers and calls to “tell the truth.” And he thanked the group, saying they’d been with him since the beginning and calling their motorcycles “the most beautiful bikes anyone’s ever seen.'”

Breitbart reports

“Does everybody like the press?” Trump asked.

“Nooo!” booed the bikers

“Do you think the media is fair?” he asked again.

“Nooo!” the bikers booed again. “Tell the truth!”

“I better not go any further,” Trump said.

“Throw them out!” shouted one biker. “Go outside!” shouted another.

The group of bikers gathered outside to recite the national anthem, as one of the leaders asked everyone to stand.

“Even the press,” he said.”

Meanwhile, detractors attempted to paint this as some sort of racist gathering of the KKK and attempting to equate President Trump’ vacation with the excessive amount of former Obama administration and his jet-setting ways.

The Root reports

“A group of white men, who called themselves “Bikers for Trump” joined the president on his 1,345th vacation since taking office. On Saturday at Trump’s National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Trump tried to look like the tough guy but ended up looking like he was constipated while posing for photos with the gang of white bike enthusiasts. Turns out that some of said white bikers may also have been sporting Nazi tattoos.

The internet, which remains undefeated, noticed that at least one biker was supposedly sporting the Nazi SS tattoo. The same biker also has a Nazi Eagle and Iron cross. Another biker wore an I (heart) titties and guns patch on his vest. The Root has been unable to confirm whether this guy sporting the Nazi “bolts” as white supremacists call them, but he does sport a bikers for Trump patch on his jacket, which makes those bikers in attendance Nazi sympathizers.”

All those accusations for some folks that ride motorcycles in support of President Trump, showing pride in America and saying the Pledge of Allegiance with President Trump. He largely ignored shouted questions from reporters and when asked about former Reality start Omarosa and the bombshell revelation that she taped conversations in the Situation Room in violation of every single known security call.


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