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Trump Just Made HISTORY With HUGE Move To Stop Mass Shootings – Nobody Thought Of This Before!

After mass shooting incidents, there is always a big push to gain an understanding of why they are happening and how they can be stopped. President Trump has been apart of multiple meetings including several on gun control. It appears that the laws regarding the age of a person buying a rifle will be changing from 18 to 21, and there will be changes to background checks. There will also be a ban on bump-stocks and binary trigger systems, or anything that increases the rifle to near automatic.   These changes have conservatives on edge, most believe these changes will have no bearing on stopping mass shootings and are just an infringement on our 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

Next we President Trump plans on meeting this the gaming industry to talk with them about violent games. There are questions about what happens to young minds when they spend hours upon hours playing games like, Call of Duty, and others that are extremely violent. It’s unknown what the president’s take on the gaming industry is but it appears that his team is interested in how this affects the mental health of our children. In a recent article by Game Rant they stated,

Since Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R) stated that violent video games were partly responsible for mass shootings, the gaming industry has once again been placed under political and public scrutiny. Considering video game violence has been discussed in correlation with mass shootings ever since the Columbine massacre in 1999, this should be no surprise. Nevertheless, it may be surprising to some that President Trump is set to meet with the heads of the industry next week.

This meeting follows the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead. In the time since this shooting, Trump has suggested several factors to curtail gun violence, from an executive order on banning bump stocks to arming teachers. He has even recently commented on video game violence, so the discussion is at least taking place on the subject of school safety.It is noteworthy, however, that Trump’s meeting with the gaming industry is not the first of its kind. After the Newtown school shooting in December 2012, former President Barack Obama had Vice President Joe Biden assemble a task force to assess solutions to the rising trend of mass shootings. The task force focused on three areas: gun control, mental health, and violent media.

As part of that effort, Biden held a similar meeting to Trump’s upcoming assembly, but Biden assured gaming executives that the focus of his investigation wasn’t solely the game industry. Afterward, the Obama administration made no attempt to legislate video game violence, yet shortly after the Parkland shooting, a student was ordered to stay away from violent video games after making a threat. This act may suggest current public opinion and the Trump administration will be more forward when dealing with the game industry, but this ultimately remains to be seen.

Regardless, Trump’s meeting with the heads of the gaming industry occurs next week, and many gamers may be interested in what happens in the meeting. However, it is notable that studies have suggested there is no causality between violent video games and mass shootings, which may bode well for the industry. Until the meeting occurs, though, there is no telling how school safety will come into play.

While past president Barak Obama, with then Vice President Joe Biden came to the conclusion that there was no connection between violent games and mass shootings, Current President Donald Trump wants to check their work. In every mass shooting since Columbine, every signal shooter suffered from some for of mental illness. Trump wants to know if these games play into the desensitizing of a person already suffering from mental illness. I think that it’s clear that our president is the type of leader that leaves no stone unturned. Once he feels like he has sufficient evidence he makes the change.


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