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Trump Just Saw What Famous Gay Celeb Did With HUGE Award He Gave Her – Makes Her Regret It

If there’s anything an egocentric actor loves more than themselves, it’s to get an award that affirms them in how awesome they feel that they are. It’s no secret that those in Hollywood are no fan of our president, but that doesn’t stop him from praising any one of them when he feels recognition is due. While that proves his character that is incessantly disregarded, what one actress did with the incredible award President Trump gave her, proves the depraved person she is.

Any actor or actress’ dream would be to get recognized for their hard work and talent by receiving an award for their outstanding performance. That dream came true for openly gay celebrity Cynthia Nixon when she won her first Emmy award. The actress was not happy that Trump was one who presented the coveted award to her, and now a whopping 14 years after receiving it, she made sure it was known.

Not only has Nixon continued to criticize Trump’s every move and made sure that everyone knows of her distaste for the president, but she doubled down on her depravity and insulted him in a very personal way.

She is among many others in Hollywood who are working together to do everything they can to go against the president and they are trying to make it impossible for Trump to do his job effectively. Luckily, patriotic Americans who support our president refuse to let these “A-List” celebs take over America. Sometimes, they need to stick to what they do best, act, and leave the politics to people who know what they are doing.

According to People, In an odd twist of fate, when Cynthia Nixon won her first Emmy award in 2004, Donald Trump was the presenter.

The actress and Democrat, who Monday announced she’s running for governor of New York, told Variety: “Do I wish I had gotten my Emmy from somebody else? Yes, I do. Absolutely I do. But, it’s not like he picked me. He just passed off the trophy.”

Nixon won the award for her portrayal of attorney Miranda Hobbes on HBO’s Sex and the City.

Back then, Trump was the star of NBC’s hit reality TV show The Apprentice. He, along with Simon Cowell, presented Nixon with her Emmy.

Nixon would win a second Emmy, two Tony awards and a Grammy while Trump’s television career never garnered him a prestigious Emmy.

Nixon has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s since he won the presidency, and in January told a crowd in New York that the biggest threat to our democracy is Vladimir Putin, Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, and Trump’s efforts to protect the Russian president.

“In 2018 each one of us has to do everything we can to reclaim our democracy from foreign and domestic threats,” she said at the Anti-State of the Union event in Manhattan.

“There is no cavalry coming, we are the cavalry,” she said. “Our nation’s core is at stake and that is worth fighting for.”

She didn’t have to bring a thing up about the award she won a decade and a half ago and only did to bring attention to herself and her political aspirations, knowing that fellow liberals would eat it right up – and they did. For as much as she hates Trump and complains like a petulant child that he was the one that handed her the award, she sure relies on him to advance her own political career.

For those of you who were hoping for a 3rd “Sex and the City” movie and were hoping this latest stunt was just part of the script, sorry to burst your bubble. This is really happening. According to TMZ, The girls are back in town — at least Miranda Hobbes is … ’cause she’s running for Governor of New York.

“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon — who starred on the hit HBO series for six seasons — announced her candidacy Monday for NY Gov with a tribute video to her home state.

She captioned the clip … “I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us” with a link to her campaign homepage where she’s accepting donations.

In her promotional vid, she touts wanting to offer better opportunities to NY children, and calls out unequal wealth distribution throughout the state. She also says “our leaders are letting us down.”

As much as Cynthia wanted the award, she hated that President Donald Trump was the one to present it to her. She made sure to show and make it known how ungrateful she was with him presenting it to her. She was extremely disrespectful with what she said about it after. Now she’s running for office and grandstanding the president with these disgusting statements to further deepen the divide between liberals and Trump and build herself up. Rather than running on personal merit and what she can do for citizens in her state, she’s campaigning on hate.


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