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Trump Just Shocked Hollywood With What He’s Doing For Actor Who Didn’t Turn On Him Like The Rest

There are far too many people in Hollywood who use their platform to speak ill of the president and his family rather than using it to show support, even if they don’t agree with every choice that is made. Recently, the president has done many things that have surprised people everywhere. Hopefully, he will finally get the respect that he deserves.

There was a lot of publicity around the president when he met with Kim Kardashian West at the White House. She went there with one goal in mind, to pardon Alice Marie Johnson. Soon after their meeting, Alice was pardoned after serving over 20 years in prison for a first time, nonviolent drug offense. But Johnson isn’t the first person that the president has pardoned. Another person was recently pardoned by him and one celebrity made sure to let Trump know how he felt about that decision.

According to Deplorables Report, Donald Trump said he loves Sylvester Stallon’s all the popular movies but he had a difficult time choosing between two of actor’s best popular movies. The President said, “I love his movies,”. “I don’t care if it’s ‘Rambo’ or ‘Rocky,’ I still don’t know which I like better.”

Sylvester Stallone was at the White House on Thursday for the signing of a pardon for the first black boxing heavy-weight champion Jack Johnson. President Trump earlier said that he was considering the pardon in April, after having a conversation with Stallone about the issue.

“It’s incredible you’ve done this,” Stallone said to Trump, adding that Johnson was the inspiration for the character Apollo Creed in his Rocky movies.

“He’s truly an inspirational character,” he said. Trump admitted that Stallone had insisted that there be no press for the signing, but decided to anyway. Stallone then joked “I get stage fright,”

Sylvester Stallone was at the White House for the pardoning of black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, who was convicted in 1913 of transporting his white girlfriend across state lines, The New York Times reports. Trump was convinced to pardon Jackson after talking to Stallone following the funeral of Barbara Bush in April.

Trump and Stallone have been supporting each other for years and have gained respect from one another. So back in April Sylvester Stallone called President Trump to talk to him about Jack Johnson’s case he knew what he had to do. It will be interesting to see who else steps up to talk to him about other’s they want to be pardoned.

It’s always refreshing when a celebrity isn’t afraid to show their support for the president since it’s pretty much an act of bravery to do so in her industry.


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