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Trump’s Brother Just Dropped Unexpected Admission About Him – Cameraman Didn’t See It Coming

In no other administration has there been so many scandals in their first year in office thrown at the president from his detractors.  Most of the issues President Trump has been facing have been created by the media or the previous administration in an effort to remove him from office. He has withstood them all and will continue to stand strong against these cheap shots which never seem to cease. However, now coming out of left field his is own brother who has something to say.

Trump was accused of working with the Russians in his 2016 election to persuade Americans to vote for him. Congress assigned a special prosecutor to investigate his alleged involvement with Russians, but all that has come from it is a massive DNC cover up.  The findings have shown that the Clintons and the DNC paid for a dossier and used the highest ranking members of the FBI to lie to secret FISA courts to investigate Donald Trump during his election.

The evidence shows that Trump had no connections to Russia, yet, that investigation continues. He’s been excused of affairs and attacks on minorities. He fights back with facts and when one scandal has finally been defeated, Democrats are waiting in the wings with the next. It’s exhausting and a complete distraction from the progress of the country. However, they won’t stop.

Now, Trump’s brother, who has been completely out of the public eye was stopped yesterday by TMZ who caught him at the airport and had a question for him which ended in an answer they definitely weren’t expecting.

TMZ reports:

Donald Trump‘s brother, Robert, thinks the President is answering the dreams of women and minorities.

We got Robert Trump at LAX early Thursday and our photog posed the question …. why does DJT attack women and minorities? He takes issue but doesn’t get specific.

And then there’s Stormy Daniels. Robert Trump calls it “nonsense” and says the President is focusing on important work and has no time for silly things. Apparently, Robert didn’t see that his brother challenged Joe Biden to a fight.

The constant accusations that the president objectifies and disrespect women is truly disgusting and unfounded give, what The Hill recently proved. Trump has been given little credit for the number of women he has hired as cabinet members, especially compared to his liberal predecessor.

Via The Hill:

It is a feat so great that President Barack Obama was unable to accomplish it.

President George W. Bush did better than his Republican predecessors but still fell a bit short.

Even President Bill Clinton came under fire from women’s organizations for his shortcomings on delivering a cabinet that “looks like America.”

The unattainable feat?

Hiring an astounding number of women for senior-level positions in the White House.

Luckily for women everywhere, in 2018 it has finally been accomplished.

Naturally, Vogue has written about it. Cosmopolitan has shouted it from the rooftops, as has MSNBC and every other liberal news outlet.

If only that last part were true.

Despite impressive hiring practices during his first year in the White House, President Donald Trump has received little to no credit for his choice of women for the most senior positions on his cabinet, as well as the West Wing.

In fact, the mainstream media only selectively reported on the male appointees of the Trump administration, claiming that he was appointing “more white and male than any first cabinet since Reagan.” This myth was perpetuated by Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) comments as well as media reports that Trump only valued the opinions of “guys named Steve.”

The New York Times even reported on Jan. 13, 2017 — a full week before Trump even took the oath of office or set foot in the oval office — that he apparently preferred men over women for senior roles.

One of the greatest successes of Trump’s first year in office has been the empowerment of women. Certainly, there have been plenty of other successes in the first year of the Trump administration — a record stock market surpassing 25,000, unemployment at a 17-year lowillegal border crossings lowered by 76 percent, a unanimous United Nations resolution against a nuclear North Korea, and more than 1 million bonuses given to American workers in just the last three weeks thanks to Trump’s leadership on tax reform. However, to write about those accomplishments without mentioning the women who helped make it happen is to miss part of the story.

So, why have the mainstream media given him no credit? Why haven’t the glossy magazines – who pride themselves on empowering women in the workplace — given him credit where credit is due? If Hillary Clinton were president, they would be touting her accomplishments.

The answer is because Trump is a Republican. It’s accurate to state that he is just not their guy.

How can one prove this?

Only seven percent of journalists recently identified as republican during the last presidential election cycle; that’s right, ninety-three percent of journalists said they were not republican in 2015. Compare this number to 1992 when the New York Times reported that just 44 percent of journalists claimed to be Democrats.

The Center for Public Integrity also revealed through its analysis of the 2016 elections that journalists “overwhelmingly donated” to Hillary Clinton. So much for independently refereeing the match.

However, just because Trump doesn’t receive credit for his hiring of women doesn’t mean it’s any less significant.

His list of female appointees is long, with approximately 18 females who he has put into high-ranking positions, most of which have not had a female in them before.

“If liberals today had any shred of intellectual honesty left among them, they would admit that Trump’s placement of women in senior level positions is impressive and establishes a precedent that helps their own daughters and granddaughters,” The Hill continued.

“Unfortunately, the left will never admit it.”

“Regardless of what one thinks of Trump the man, there is no denying the numbers of women he has placed in power in the West Wing. As we commemorate the one-year anniversary of his inauguration this week, I predict that history will eventually reveal the complete story – that Trump’s actions are not only a small step for a male Republican president but a giant leap for all of womankind, regardless of political party.”

No matter what they throw at President Trump, his answer is always action.  He delivers exactly what he promised in his campaign , which has literally become unheard of.  The scandals will come and go, but the president is doing exactly what he was elected to do, and that’s why he will be elected again in 2020.


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