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Trumps Have Had Enough – Blindside Entire Secret Service Detail In Midst Of Major Controversy

As par for the course of being the president’s child and grandchild, you’re assigned around-the-clock Secret Service detail. This is more important now more than ever considering how controversial President Donald Trump is along with how vicious liberal psychopaths can be who know no bounds in exploiting the First Family’s privacy and attacking children.

Detail assigned to this administration has been part of a number of controversies in Trump’s first 100 days. One agent said she wouldn’t “take a bullet” for the Commander-in-Chief and was reassigned for it, another “accidentally” left her laptop computer with classified information on it on the back of her motorcycle, leading to a theft of the device, and other agents transporting Trump’s grandson took cellphone pictures of the boy sleeping which he woke up to in horror.

All members of the First Family’s security is a top priority and a single slip-up could be catastrophic in the wrong scenario. It’s for this reason that First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her family are diligently watched around the clock outside their home in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Ivanka’s neighbors were none too pleased with the blacked out vehicles and suited men crawling the streets and liberals across the country thought the First Daughter and her family didn’t deserve the security on taxpayers’ dime.

“Critics have voiced a number of concerns about the Trump daughter’s protection detail, which regularly includes her children, 5-year-old Arabella, 3-year-old Joseph, and 1-year-old Theodore,” IJReview reported. Even Chelsea Clinton recognized the ignorance in her own party’s way, Tweeting: “It makes me very sad to read this & to know that anyone would ever say this. The President’s family’s protection should not be politicized.”

Although the extended Trump family isn’t the first to get Secret Service detail, as it’s a well-known fact that all immediate presidential relatives do for their obvious need for protection, leave it to liberals to make a controversy out of it with their critical remarks they spew. However, Ivanka doesn’t take the Secret Service’s dedication to her and her family for granted, nor let the effort go unrecognized.

In a stark contrast to how Hillary Clinton treated her Secret Service agents, the First Daughter and her two eldest children did something incredible to show the detail outside their home their sincere appreciation.

Daily Mail reports:

“The Kushner family showed their appreciation to the Secret Service Friday morning, by bringing them some treats.”

“Jared Kushner and his two oldest children, five-year-old Arabella and three-year-old Joseph, brought out a tray of goodies to the agents on duty outside of the family’s Kalorama home on Friday.”

“Little Joseph smiled ear-to-ear as he carried the tin tray out of the house to one of his protectors.”

Along with Secret Service being stationed outside of Ivanka’s home, photographers are typically there as well and captured the endearing moment on camera.

The appreciation for their service was likely due in part to the dirty looks these agents get from Ivanka’s neighbors. As IJReview explained:

As IJReview explained of their salty response:

“Back in March, after the family first moved into the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, D.C., their neighbors were reportedly none too pleased with the security presence that they brought with them.”

“As one resident of the upscale neighborhood said shortly after they moved in:

‘There are all these obnoxious black SUVs, and they make us cross the street. I pay my tax dollars to walk on that side of the street. We were there way before them’.”

However, the classy First Daughter managed to win over her neighbors with a simple and often underestimated tactic of kindness. She reportedly went door-to-door making conversation with these critics and delivering each one of them home-baked good. The thoughtful and personal gesture changed their tune completely and now those who live around her have said she’s “lovely” and “very gracious woman.”

It’s amazing what a little kindness can do which is something the Trump women extend in spades whether people choose to accept it or not. Secret Service is a fact of life for this family and it’s unfortunate that some have to politicize it while furthering the divide in this country that calls for an increased need for it.

h/t: [Allen B. West]


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