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US Olympian Wins Gold Then Immediately Enrages Every American With What He Did To Our Flag

Team USA is set to bring home a lot of gold medals as wins are accumulating daily from different competitions. While citizens back at home who are cheering them on are excited for our successful team, they’re less than proud of certain athletes who are using the recognition to disrespect the country they represent.

This Olympics has been marred by political correctness, racism, and publicized disdain for our administration. Sadly, it seems that those wishing to denounce the greatest nation in the world will be remembered more than the respectable athletes proud to represent the U.S. This is especially true after what one prominent gold medalist did to the American flag right after the honor of winning the 100th gold medal for the U.S. Of all the offensive acts from US winter games athletes this week, this one has left Americans most outraged.

The tone was set before the games even began with downhill skier Lindsey Vonn announcing she wasn’t going to represent President Trump in PyeongChang. This was followed by openly gay Olympian Adam Rippon coming out on a constant attack toward Vice President Pence that didn’t cease once he got to the games. Then there was US speedskater Shani Davis who demanded that the non-biased coin toss to determine who will carry they American flag in the opening ceremonies was racist….since he wasn’t picked. At the culmination of all of this abuse from US athletes on the country they represent, was what gold medalist snowboarder Shaun White what caught doing with the flag upon receiving his award.

White is also no stranger to controversy. In fact, some people are questioning his ability to compete after certain sick allegations against him. However, even that rap sheet is forgivable more than his disrespect of the flag.

WGRZ reports what happened that left proud Americans in complete disgust:

Fans on social media were excited about Shaun White’s gold medal win on social media… they just wanted him to pick up the American flag.

White had just won the men’s halfpipe on his final run. He put together an incredible run that will go down in history as one of the greatest moments of his career.

Someone handed him the flag, and he held it up and waved it around. But when he was done celebrating, he started dragging it around. He even stepped on it at one point.

The internet was quick to congratulate White, but asked him for a little better etiquette.

While White showed a clear disrespect for the flag, others were quick to come to his defense, excusing it for being one of the biggest moments of his life – as if that’s somehow a reason to trample the flag. Yes, he was carrying his snowboard and the flag at once, but it’s not at all an impossible task to pick the flag up and drag the board, should one need to be dragged. If it was an accident, it only proves he has no understanding of our flag and honoring it. It’s hard to imagine what’s worse – ignorance of respecting the flag or intentionally disrespecting it. Both are unacceptable and nobody should excuse the poor behavior no matter what – that only proves a bigger problem in society.


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