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WATCH: Never-Trumper Before And After Trump Rally Is Democrat’s Worst Nightmare

Griff Jenkins over at Fox News is a great reporter and not full of himself, a rarity in the mainstream news industry. He’s is interested in the facts, no matter what they are. At every Trump rally he’s covered, he always looks to be having a genuinely great time. Yet, the left still can’t seem to comprehend why Americans prefer to watch Fox News over their competition at CNN. It’s because it’s the only place where you can see through the bias and actually get the full story.

Jenkins is one of those reporters that is just great at his job and is a true professional. We just saw once again at Trump’s Tampa, Florida rally he was covering when he exposed Democrat’s worst nightmare in a before and after of a “Never Trumper.”

Jenkins interviewed this never-Trumper before and after the rally, who has had a change of heart in the course of this single event he attended. It’s a Democrat’s worst nightmare come true and thoroughly enjoyable for that reason as well as witnessing someone come to accept the truth about Trump. Before he was elected, the Never-Trump movement was huge but has since dwindled off since the president’s campaign promises continue to come through.

The guy that Griff interviewed stated after the rally that he would be voting for President Trump in 2020. He’s thrilled with the economy, which is a slam dunk for the Republicans these days. The economy is on fire and is at the highest level it has seen in at least the last twenty years and possibly longer. Unemployment is at four percent and is at historic lows for black and Hispanic Americans. There seem to be more jobs than people looking for work these days and the stock market is on a tear. The proof is in the results of what President Trump is doing and accomplishing and this never-Trumper sees that and embraces it.

Another winning point for Trump is rebuilding the military and making America more secure. Conservatives love that and in general, it gives Americans a better sense of safety and sovereignty. Americans want a strong leader capable of fighting for and protecting our country. They certainly got that with President Trump. The president is the Commander-in-Chief and keeping our military strong and supplied with the latest tech and equipment is his job. So far, Trump has done a fantastic job of reversing the damage to the military that occurred under the presidency of Barack Obama.

There are a ton of people out there that feel just like this guy does and if the race for the presidency were held today, I truly believe that Trump would win in a blow-out. My gut tells me that his landslide would be even bigger than last time. America is back on the world stage again thanks to Trump and voters see that.

You can see the support for President Trump as people stepped up to defend him when his Hollywood star was destroyed yet again by leftists. Austen Fletcher interviewed Trump supporters from all walks of life in Hollywood and they had terrific things to say about the president. One after another think he’s doing a terrific job and they love the booming economy. Some even think Trump is a gift from heaven. That’s a little over the top, but you can understand the sentiment.

Austin Fletcher said, “These are the @realDonaldTrump supporters the MSM won’t show you! At an LA Trump rally, we met gays for Trump, a trans person for Trump, immigrants for Trump, and even an (at one time) illegal immigrant for Trump! #WalkAway.” There is also a video from a legal immigrant who waited five years to move to America from Colombia. He praises the heck out of President Trump. He says he “is a gift from Heaven to our country.”

Of course, the media doesn’t want you to see how people truly feel about President Trump. Instead, they don’t cover his rallies truthfully. Reporters such as Jim Acosta basically cover themselves and excel at showboating rather than being a reporter. The left and the media keep touting a blue wave in November at the midterms, but Trump’s rallies are packed out the door. It looks more like a red wave is going to crush the left come election time. Real reporters such as Griff Jenkins are getting the word out and I think the left is in for yet another nasty election surprise coming up.

Unlike Jenkins at the Florida rally, the media focused almost entirely on Jim Acosta of CNN getting booed by Trump supporters. They tried to spin it as Acosta’s life being in danger. That’s just ridiculous. Go to an Antifa riot and you will see what having your life in danger really feels like. They are radical communists and revolutionaries. Other than Fox News, I have yet to see another media outlet that spoke to actual people who attended the rally to find out what they thought of it. Time and again they said they loved President Trump and what he had to say. The media, not so much.


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