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WTF?! Kanye Showed How He Really Feels About Kim With Paperwork He Surprised Her With On Christmas!

For big spenders like the Kardashians and rapper/Yeezy mogul Kanye West, Christmas was probably no joke around the West residence. It’s hard to know what to give the girl who has everything and a busting bank account, but Kanye thought he had it all figured out when he surprised his wife with a gift she probably didn’t see coming.

Kanye realized that Kim probably doesn’t need a new designer handbag or piece of jewelry so he went extra creative with a certain piece of paperwork he presented the mother of his children with instead. Kim probably wasn’t too impressed. Decide for yourself how excited you’d be with a “gift” like this.

Kanye puts new meaning of “stocking stuffers.”

TMZ reports:

Kanye West might’ve just gotten Kim Kardashian the best Christmas gifts ever … even
more ways to be filthy rich in the future.

Kim revealed what her hubby got her for Xmas on her IG story Tuesday, and thank the Lord for the twist here — ’cause his first batch of goodies came off as pretty lame … a Mickey doll, Adidas socks, a Netflix gift card, an Amazon gift card and Apple headphones.

But wait, there’s more! Kim shows off a 2nd box from Kanye that had the good stuff — stocks from all of those same companies. She shows off the certificates, but not the exact amounts.

What’s funny … all of those stock values (except Amazon) are down for the day as of this writing. Remember, Kardashians … buy low, sell high.

While this is definitely generous and definitely going to rank in the benjamins over time, do you really give the girl with tons of money more money? It seems a little meaningless when he could have gotten her anything other than just cash. It pretty much shows how he feels about her putting stacks of cash at the center of their relationship.

Kim was impressed enough by it to gloat about it in an Instagram post and sharing what he got her, which in itself is a little cheesy for Mrs. Yeezy. I wonder how she really feels about it? You can never have too much money, but it comes across like he couldn’t think of what else to give her that had a deeper meaning, so he went with wads of cash – the gift that keeps on giving, I guess.


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